Our Services

High throughput format

All of our assays are performed in a 96-well or 384-well semi-automated parallel high throughput format to ensure a rapid and reproducible turnaround of all samples.

Standard dose-response assays

We determine the inhibitory potency and selectivity index for compounds of interest against a given microbial metabolism (e.g. sulfate reduction, nitrate reduction, etc.) or biocontrol target (e.g. microbial isolate, enrichment culture).  For biosouring applications, we assess inhibitor potency and selectivity for inhibition of sulfide production in our proprietary marine microbial enrichment culture.  

Pair-wise synergy

We conduct checkerboard assays between compound pairs to quantify the extent of synergy or antagonism between compounds for microbial inhibition.  

Formulation optimization

We construct sub-mixtures of a formulation in which individual compounds have been left out and perform dose-response analysis to quantify the extent to which removing each compound from the formulation influences inhibitory potency.

Custom high-throughput enrichments

We enrich for active microbial cultures under a diversity of metabolic conditions and growth substrates to obtain a microbial community tailored to a client's specific needs.

Custom assay development

We develop novel high-throughput assays to address specific needs of the client.


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